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About the project

We have been trading for a very long time on the exchanges and participated in various projects.
We are always looking for a real currency that would fit the complex market of alternative crypto currencies, from problems that we might note - high volatility, coin mining, coin quantity and so on.
Based on all our trading experience on the stock exchanges with various crypto-currencies, we decided to make the ideal currency for trading.
We needed to take into account the amount of time, think through the correct policy of foreign exchange interventions and have a clear vector for its further development.
This is a long-term project, it was created for people who want to create new opportunities in the markets. First of all, we should never forget that this currency was created as a standard for conducting trading on exchanges - this is its essence.
We will develop it throughout our 5-year plan.



PoS v3.6 - 1%




Coin supply






​What opportunities do you get?

We guarantee competent regulation of the market, which will take into account the interests of all participants and investors for smooth growth with minimal risks


Maximum protection against hacking, can not be the same cryptocurrency to spend twice as each transaction is carried out in one direction only and not subject to canceling

Low Fee

The absence of taxation and minimum commissions for completed transactions, independent of the amount of the transaction and territorial affiliation

PoS Interest

Interest from mature coins, equal to 1% per year. Refrain from bidding and you will receive a passive share that you can always sell

How to work UniversalRoyalCoin?

For UniversalRoyalCoin specifically, PoW and PoS blocks are independent. Just as you're betting your consumed electricity and CPU-time vs. the possible PoW-blok's reward, in the PoS blocks you're betting your coin-age: the amount oF PPC you own multiplied by the number of days they've sitted idly at your wallet.
It must be a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 90 days for your coins to start generating tickets for the PoS raffle.
Should your ticket win, you earn 1% interest and lose all your coin-age, so your coins are, from the network POV, as though you had just received them. I.e. you'll need to wait another 30 days for them to be able to pay you interest again.
Over time, though, you're just supposed to earn about 1% annually.
Since code for PoS and PoW are independent of each other and the concept of PoS so new, there have been a couple bugs to be fixed plus a kind of attack was found that allowed users to generate a lot of PoS raffle-tickets for "free" - fortunately developers has been able to fix such problems quickly

Currency is a tool 
How UNRC will be used?

1. Launch our own stock exchange.

2. Invest in real sectors of the economy.
For example, the establishment of shops for the sale of cars, electronics, clothing, in later stages - securities markets.
Undoubtedly, we will have from this income and accumulate reserves, which we will use to make currency intervention.

3. Monitor the volatility of the currency and keep it within normal limits, depending on the situation on the market. The goal is to keep the maximum rate of money flow in the interests of traders and participants of investment projects.

4. By participating in our project you will always have alternatives that we will create by market methods.
It does not matter which project you want to participate in, it is important to understand that this system will work for the real economy and receive back support.

Wallet for use





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